Friday, July 14, 2017

USA vs GB (2-2) PK (2-3)

The battle for 5th place at Maccabiah 2017 was everything it was thought to be. A GB team who had been beaten the last 3 times by the US was out for revenge.

The first half GB netted twice on two US errors.

In the second half the US pushed forward and a goal by Brett Epstein got the team back in it and a last gasp effort resulted in a penalty kick which Stefan Greenberg slotted home to tie the game.

In the penalty shootout, GB netted 3 with 2 saves by Lee Popper to keep the US in the game. Unfortunately, the US could only connect on 2 missing each of the other three chances. Goals by Larry Block and Stephan Felgoise finished the US scoring.

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