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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Video

Thanks to our own John Levene and his film crew for capturing the Maccabiah spirit, one frame at a time.  For those of you who weren't there, a chance to feel the spirit of the games and the team as they came together for the "Bronze".


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maccabiah Stateside

I recent gathering of Maccabiah 2013 Alum in Chicago continued the spirit of the games.  From L-R
Ian Grusd, David Alhadeff, Justin Greenberg and Mark Wisnevitz

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Additional Award

The USA Grand Masters team also won the Sportsmanship Award for having the least number of Yellow / Red cards for the tournament.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bronze Medal Game - USA v Great Britain

The day the team waited for has finally arrived.  An eerie calmness like I've never seen before a match seemed universal among the US team as they met for breakfast and then gathered in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem for a 9:30 bus ride to the Bayit Vagan soccer fields only a few miles away.  

The team briefly met in the 21st floor Executive Suite lounge for a few words from Coach Bodenstein on what he expected for the day sans lineups.  After ticking off his top 3 items, he then proceeded to give a short (and not so eloquent speech) replicating the Herb Brooks pre-Olympic hockey win vs USSR for a gold medal having substituted Great Britain for Russia and Soccer for Hockey, the speech was perfect.  

"Great moments are born from great opportunity.  And that's what you have here today, men.  That's what you've earned here, today.

One Game!.  If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine.  but not this game.  Not today.  

Today we play with 'em.  Today we stay with 'em and we shut them down because we can!

Today, we are the greatest soccer team in the world.
You were born to be soccer players -- every one of ya.
And you were meant to be here today.
This is your time.  Their time is done.  It's over.
I'm sick and tired of hearin' about what a great soccer team the British have.
Screw 'em.  This is your time!!
Now, go out there and take it!"

We head downstairs after a quick and loud USA!  We loaded up the bus and a brief drive to the field was now familiar as we had done this 5 times in the previous week and a half.  Step by step, one by one we made our way from the bus to the field with a sense of purpose and focus.  We were ready.   Coach Bodenstein had prepped the team well and led us as a team as well as many of us individually to get here.  Getting to a medal game previously seemed a difficult if not impossible task.  But not this time.  We had represented ourselves well in every game, losing only 2 games out of 6, each by 1 goal, and tied Israel (the eventual gold medalist) in a tightly contested game.  We really were in this and could have played for gold with a few more bounces in the right direction.  

Coach Bodenstein set the lineup as shown in the graphic below opting for an attacking formation of 3-5-2 which worked very well in the last 3 games.  As the tournament progressed the team went through some changes and the coach noted that some people may be disappointed with the starting eleven but everyone, everyone, plays a vital role in a medal winning team.  Everyone played at some point during the tournament, each one contributing to the positive outcomes and today would be no exception as everyone received time in the medal game.

The brief warm-up completed and the stage was set.  The Giants of Britain vs the minnows from the USA.  The defending champs vs the team who scored no goals in the previous campaign 4 years earlier and dead last.

Opportunity awaiting the whistle.....  

Having given up goals early in almost all of the games, the US was focused not to repeat the recent history but nothing could predict this start.  One minute into the game, the US picked up the ball in it's own half and moved forward.  Right back Justin Greenberg, coming home to his home field as a child, hit a left footed kick towards goal from long distance and with GB's short goalkeeper in the nets, it somehow made it's way into the top right corner of the net and the screams were deafening.  The hang time on the kick seemed to last forever as time stood still.  From the defensive vantage point it seemed to float in the air and just dip under the bar.  Suddenly, we were on top and GB were in utter shock.  They had been caught unexpectedly and while they didn't panic, they were now chasing the game instead of dragging it along as they had done 10 days earlier.

That was a different team though as they were fresh and the US team was just off transatlantic flights.  We were improving each day and were extremely fit.  We continued to press forward as did GB as the teams exchanged 
forays into the box each with some chances but nothing really challenged either goalkeeper too much.  Balls being thrown in high by GB were met with strong defensive work by the USA defensive team (Alhadeff, Greenberg, Greene, Shakter and Bernstein) and Coach Bodenstein made substitutions to keep the backline fresh bringing in Harris, Zweiback, Raben and also augmented the midfielders bringing in Mogul, Silverman, Warren and Kapelus.  Up front substitutions were also quickly taken sending Lebowitz, Kent and Jacobs in to get another quick one.  

Midway through the first half, Lebowitz flicked a header through to the forward running Jacobs who was clearly in but immediately pulled up and fell to the ground just outside the penalty area.  Unfortunately, Jacobs had to be carried off the field as it was feared to be a torn Achilles tendon.

Play resumed with similar play back and forth and the half ended 1-0 for the USA.  The locker room at halftime was positive and the US discussion was now about how to shorten the half through legal tactics and less about the 
beautiful game.  The less the other team had the ball, the less opportunity they would have to equalize.

The teams walked back onto the field and with a slight formation change, USA added an additional defender to cover the three man offensive team GB had been deploying.  Ian Grusd moved from the forward line to the rear guard to supply the much needed support.

GB pressed hard for the first 7 minutes and pushed people forward and the US struggled to clear.  GB's pressure was beginning to reap opportunities but they were ended by either poor finishing, blocked opportunities or offside calls as the defense began to gain back control they had in the first half.  Just as the GB team moved forward, they lost control of the ball and a counter attack by the USA was on.  The team pressed forward and created an opportunity for Mark Wisnevitz who under pressure, rounded the goalkeeper and slotted home goal number 2.  The pressure was really on GB now.  Their heads went down and you can see the wind being blown from their sails.  They weren't done, but you could sense they felt beaten already.  The US still had to remain sharp but it felt very near.

GB pressed and the US, having given up goals by ONLY through set pieces was still concerned as a number of free kicks and corners were given.  The defense, now alerted to these dangers, were actively stepping in front of the strikers with exceptional plays from Silverman and Alhadeff, two that prevented free scoring opportunities and created nothing more than corners that dealt with easily.  With 10 minutes remaining, GB got another corner which somehow made it's way off a scramble to the back post and with an unmarked GB player, they slotted home to get the game close but it wasn't enough as the USA closed it out and celebrated like never before with screams, high fives and tears from some of the players.  Many have waited 2-3 Maccabi events or more for this opportunity and for others, this will be their last.

After the game the team huddled for a few closeout items.  As Coach Bodenstein promised, with each win, a player of the game selection would be made and today, The offensive player of the game was Mark Wisnevitz (Wiz) for scoring the eventual game winner in the second half, and the defensive player of the game went to Gary Bernstein (Gazza) but this was an entire team effort.  

Finally, Don Kent said a few words (captured on video if you'd like to see it) about the history of this program and how far it had come in just a short time.  Mr Maccabi as many know him to be, teared up and shared his love for the sport, his love and respect for his team mates and was honored to be a part of such a wonderful team and experience.  For all who have been lucky enough to be a team member of Don's, we have been blessed with every experience, laughter you brought our way and exuberance with every cheer you screamed (and every F.Y. to each Shofet along the way).  We will cherish them all.  While this may be Don's last Maccabiah, I don't think this will be the last time we will be with Don on the soccer field or at one of our events.  Mazel Tov Don for leaving such a fabulous legacy for all of us.

Final recap of the Maccabiah will follow in the next couple of days from Stateside along with Pictures and Videos, including a professional version on DVD.

Shalom from Jerusalem....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dateline Jerusalem

USA wins Bronze beating Great Britain

Details to follow.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

USA v Great Britain - Captains Note

MUSA Grands

Every jog around the park, every training camp, every nagging injury, and every game up to this point has led us to THE Match.

The first ever Grands medal match in a Maccabiah Games!

Tomorrow will prove to be a vastly different game than the first against GB. The GB team plays together year round. Yet we gave them a run despite it being our first real game together. We have transformed since then. We have discovered aspects of our collective nature which has surprised, inspired and motivated, not only ourselves, but those who watched us from the stands.

No other team has worked harder, nor shown more character and heart.

Play with the confidence in knowing that the reason we are battling for the Bronze medal tomorrow is simply because we have earned it.

Tomorrow will be out finest match.


Meet USA's Justin Greenberg

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maccabiah 2013 - Men's O45 Soccer Standings after Game 5

What Happens in Israel.......

Doesn't stay in Israel......

For those of you not in Israel and have not heard the news, the USA men's O45 team tied Israel 1-1 on Thursday 7/25.  Played in Giv'at Ze'ev, a settlement located in the West Bank 5 kilometers northwest  of Jerusalem, the hosts always have a never ending supply of quality players to choose from and today was no exception.  

Success in USA terms on this day, meant making it to the Bronze medal game as the Gold/Silver was no longer an option following a 2-1 loss to Argentina only 24 hours earlier.  The team was focused on the bus ride to the field talking about certain players (some former Israeli National team players while others were highly skilled footballers) and how they should approach the marking of these individuals.  But it takes a TEAM to win a tournament and come away with the shiny necklaces.

Coach Bodenstein went with a new 3-2-3-2 formation and rotated new players into the starting lineup.  That lineup and game detail is in the graphic below.

Typical for the USA on this journey is allowing early goals from dead ball situations.  Today was no exception and Israel scored a goal from a corner kick after 4 minutes.  The cross was deflected by the USA keeper (Dave "DB" Bannick) but the team failed to clear the ball effectively and the Israeli player slotted home from close range.  

USA now in familiar territory, was a goal down with lots of time on the clock.  Because of the table standings, should USA lose by more than 2 goals, a Brazil Tie or win could put them through to the Bronze and knock out the US so it was critical that USA move forward and get back into the game. 

The team was on a mission but felt the stress of the situation as passes that should have connected, missed.  Long balls into the box were met first by Israeli defenders.  Israel had a number of chances for the balance of the half but couldn't fully breakdown the defense.  In one of those breakdowns however, Dan Indech "Indy" saved near the goal line and cleared the ball after the defensive line was breached.

Israel's best player was yellow carded for a fake dive in the box which may have swung the bar in the direction of the US.  Brian Green (Greenie) had effectively marked this player from the game after the goal which only made the struggle worse for Israel.

The first half ended 1-0 but the US was creeping back.  Coach Bodenstein gave the team some direct words during the break and had them concentrate on getting forward and providing quality balls.  Additionally, there were gaps forming on the field due to proper positioning and marking that needed to be shored up for the 2nd frame called out in the half time discussion.

The teams took the field with the Bronze medal on the line and started out positively, connecting more passes and creating space by changing the field of play, something not executed very well in the first half.  The USA began taking more chances from distance narrowly missing the goal.  Shots by Indech, Biran, Grusd and Greenberg were close but didn't trouble the goalkeeper.  But the breakthrough came as Mark Wisnevitz (Wiz) was played through and his movement stirred the defense into a handball in the box.  Rarely seen in Israel, an Israeli referee calling a penalty on Israel but it was a clear call.  The stage was set.  Joel Biran set up to take the kick but was called off by Coach Bodenstein.  Gary Bernstein was asked to take the spot kick and walked up and placed the ball.  Miss and we could go home with nothing more than a set of pins.  Sink it and the team is even with 15 minutes left to play and everything to play for.  The placement was right corner past the diving goalkeeper and the score knotted at 1-1.  

USA had momentum but Israel wasn't done yet.  A number of opportunities fell there way including an open goal after a defensive lapse, but it was sent over the bar.  A defining moment for the USA coming back to draw to get to the medal round.  A well deserved point and a very entertaining fixture.  

With the draw Israel will play for Gold against Argentina on Sunday afternoon and USA will play for Bronze against Great Britain whom they lost to in the first game of the tournament 0-1.  

Chance for redemption?   History has a way of repeating itself and these former players below from 1950 did just that.  No one expects or believes that Great Britain will or can lose to the USA except for the 24 men that represent this team in Israel.   

With everything to play for....... Carpe Diem!

USA team

Dateline Jerusalem. MUSA 45's will play for BRONZE

USA ties Israel after going down 1 early and then equalizes on a successful penalty kick by Gary "Gazza" Bernstein. USA now plays Great Britain for Bronze on Sunday.

Details to follow later today

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maccabiah 2013 - Men's O45 Soccer Standings after Game 4

Maccabiah Update - USA v Argentina Game 4 Summary

Wednesday 7/24
This was supposed to be the setup for placing USA into a medal game but it meant defeating a traditionally strong Argentina.  If the USA could pull out a victory, a gold medal game would be one win away.  Instead, the USA put themselves on the back foot by relinquishing a goal in the 8th minute of play.  A free kick from a foul midway through the defensive half was met by the head of an Argentina player and went in off the post for the first goal.  Again, the US team allowed a goal to be scored from a set piece which is the single headline for every goal scored against the US thus far.  No goals have been scored from open play and the weakness continues to be exposed.

After the goal, the Argentinians continued to move the ball around the field with short skillful passes to feet which helped create space beyond the US midfield.  This set up a number of chances as Argentina pressed.  But the US continued to play high pressure that wasn't necessarily synchronized in its effort, creating further space for the other team.  Additionally, the US failed to maintain the ball through missed pass attempts or failure to control the ball.

Coach Bodenstein chose to make more changes in game 4 by making more frequent substitutions and fresh legs which put pressure on Argentina whose fitness was not up to caliber of the US team.  The half ended 0-1 in favor of the Argentine team.  At halftime, Coach Bodenstein called out the issues that plagued the team in the first half and showed where lack of effort and poor field positioning were leading to our situation.

The second half started and within 3 minutes, the US gave a silly foul to Argentina and again struggled to deal with the ensuing free kick and paid the ultimate price.  An unmarked player in the middle of the penalty area again got his head on the ball and knocked it in off the post.  2-0 to Argentina and the US was now looking to dig out of a deep hole.

With the Gold medal game slipping away, the team chose to fight even more to get back in the game and get the first goal.  The ball movement improved and the number of shots were starting to increase.  Team USA was finding more space as the intensity of time played a role.  Suddenly, the breakthrough came when Joel Biran got on the end of a pass and was able to get a shot on goal which the goalkeeper was unable to save.  With 20 minutes left to go, the US was back in it but needed another goal.

Coach Bodenstein made his familiar move of going to a 3 defender system making some personnel movements and pushing players forward in hopes of getting the equalizer.  US had several attempts but they were either just over the bar or just wide of the target and the Argentinian Goalkeeper was generally untested.  The final whistle blew and it was Argentina holding on for a 2-1 victory and a place in the Gold medal game vs either Israel (USA's next opponent) or Great Britain who need a little help from the US and must also beat Brazil.

For the USA to get into the Bronze game, they must win against Israel to ensure a spot, Brazil must lose to GBR or it could come down to goal difference in a number of different scenarios.

The US goes into it's last group game knowing they have control of their own destiny as they did today only now the goal is Bronze instead of Gold.  

Cheer on Team USA at the Giv'at Ze'ev field Thursday, 7/25 at 9:00am IST.

Go USA!!!

Jew-Rusalem Update

USA lost to Argentina at Giv'at Ze'ev 1-2 but a goal by Joel Biran was not enough to keep the gold medal chances alive. USA plays the host nation Israel tomorrow, same time, same venue

Bronze medal game on the line.

More to follow

Monday, July 22, 2013

Maccabiah 2013 - Men's O45 Soccer Standings after Game 3

Game Day 3 - USA Samba's Their Way to a Tie with Brazil

USA took the field this morning against a traditionally tough Brazilian side that would generally be a favorite in any soccer event.With an unchanged lineup (4-2-3-1) USA began the game with the same intensity seen in the previous game vs Australia.  

Some early chances in the first 5 minutes that resulted in corners but no clear scoring opportunity.  With the run of play in their favor, USA gave away their first corner kick and only real movement into the box by Brazil.  

The ball was crossed to the center of the penalty area and was tipped away by USA's goalkeeper Dave Bannick, only to take an odd deflection to a Brazilian player in the box.  A small scramble and then a shot somehow made its way through a crowd of players only to find itself in the back of the net. Against the run of play, Brazil led after 7 minutes getting great value from one movement forward.

Brazil's tactical approach to the game was to sit back in their own half, defend and then move forward on the counter attack playing typical short passes with the occasional ball through to the feet of the furthest forward player, who would then lay the ball off for the on running players.  Brazil continually slowed the game down and the US team seemed to follow suit, which can sometimes happen in a game.  You go in with a plan, but based on the other teams approach, you start to adjust and take on the other teams pace. Brazil's approach was to then take every minute off the clock they could through feigned injuries and complaints to the referee's.  Any chance to slow the game down, Brazil executed to perfection.  It seems amazing that so many career ending injuries (based on the way they rolled around in pain) could be followed up by a miraculous recovery in seconds as the referee walked over.

The second half initially saw more of the same but the USA continued to move forward.  A number of chances fell to the feet of our forwards and midfielders but they resulted in missed attempts with opportunities that really should have found the back of the net.  The team never gave up and they could sense it coming.  

Coach Bodenstein then changed the player positions and put 3 players in the defense, moving Ian Grusd forward and moved Joel Biran to the back.  The team pressed and began to get some attempts around the goal area.  Joel Biran finally hit a shot that was destined for the upper left corner but the Brazil Goalkeeper made an unbelievable finger tip save that prevented a sure tying goal.  The team felt it coming but time was running out.  The full 70 minutes were up but 4 additional minutes were added and with time running out (70+3) a pass from Justin Greenberg found the head of Ian Grusd who somehow got up for the header and flicked it to Dan Indech (Indy) just left of center about 10 yards from the penalty area.  A one touch move sent him on his way and from there, he slotted the ball home to tie the game with one minute left.  Pandemonium erupted and the Brazilian Samba was no longer the dance of the day.  Don Kent's Jiggity Jig is now the new hit and will likely be the talk of USA camps for quite some time.  

The teams exchanged some heated words after the game and players had to be restrained from one another but it was a moment and a point that may make this USA team a medal winner.  Brazil Stunned and USA remains a point ahead in the standings and looks forward to a match with Argentina on Thursday, 7/25. 

Brazilian Wax On then Off

Brazil scored in the 7th minute only to be countered by a late goal in the 3rd minute of injury time.  More to follow.

Result 1-1

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maccabiah 2013 - Men's O45 Soccer Standings after Game 2

USA Team vs Australia

USA team after the Australia Match
Back Row (L-R) N. Washington (Physio), J. Cohn (Chair), J. Biran, I/ Grusd, D. Raben, E. Harris, A. Zweiback, J. Kapelus, D. Kent, J. Jacobs, K. Silverman, J. Greenberg, G. Bernstein, A. Bodenstein (Coach)
Front Row (L-R) D. Alhadeff, J. Moshal, D. Indech, R. Shakter, D. Bannick (Capt), M. Lebowitz, D. Warren, J. Levene, M. Wisnevitz, J. Mogul.

Players (L-R) D. Bannick, D. Alhadeff (3), D. Indech (10) and D. Warren (6) celebrate USA's first ever Grand Masters goal in Israel.

Game Day 2 - The Eagle Has Landed (in Jerusalem)

Sunday 7/21 - Dateline Jerusalem
The team call for 7:15am came quickly after the previous days session.  Australia was on tap and promised to be a lively game as Team USA rested in the cellar of a 6 team group after day 1 activities losing to GB 0-1.  Coach Bodenstein made some minor tweaks to the lineup that started in game 1 favoring a 4-2-3-1 formation.  The team lineup can be found along with all the other details in the map below.

The strategy for the day was to take on players and play a high pressure game which meant more running.  USA has generally been one of the fittest teams and today showed this to be true.  From the outset, the USA team pressured Australia and created a number of turnovers which then created opportunities to score.  Coach Bodenstein challenged all the players to step up and take the game to the other team.  The promise of a beer from the coach may have had something to do with the immediate play and after 10 minutes, the breakthrough had finally come.  A stolen ball and a pass to Dan Indech who found himself in the middle of the field jut outside the penalty area, proceeded to connect with his right foot.  With his first touch he sent the goalkeeper diving to his left who was unable to deal with it properly and it found itself in the back of the net.  Prior to the game in warm-ups, the coach had requested a celebration (something of the magnitude of a fourth of July fireworks display) should we score.  And celebrate we did.  Players jumping in the air, running in different directions and looking like 12 year olds leaving hebrew school on their last session before their Bar Mitzvah's.   Pandemonium reigned for a minute or so, and then the team got back to work.  This goal was the first goal (ever) by a Grand Masters Team in Israel and it came 4 years after the team last visited here.  

The team then got back to the task at hand and created more chances as the team gained confidence.  Substitutions were made midway through the half and forward Marc Lebowitz assumed the role of striker for the team.  Within moments, a pass was played through and Marc neatly controlled the ball at the top of the penalty area as he made a diagonal run from right to left and calmly volleyed the ball into the left corner of the net.  The first celebration seemed tame now as Marc jumped 15 feet into the air.  Well two feet maybe, but it seemed like fifteen and the momentum was clearly in the USA's court as the teams confidence seemed to be at an all time high.  The team continued to maintain pressure and created an opportunity from a corner kick and again, it was Marc Lebowitz.  Only this time with a neat header to the far post that just made it in.  3-0 and all in the first half as the USA team took an unlikely but deserved lead into half time.

More work in the second half as the team moved forward to get additional goals which never materialized but they maintained a sold defensive effort and never let Australia get any goals back.   Final result for a job well done 3-0 USA over Australia.  Other results in the two other games (GBR 1 - ISR 3) and (ARG 0 - BRA 0) means that USA jumps from last place to a tie for second with 3 games to play in the group round.

After the game, the Coach and Captain awarded defensive and offensive players of the game and will continue with games won by USA.  This games POG awards went to Dan Indech (Offense) for getting the all important first goal for USA in this event.  Defensive POG went to Ian Grusd who was tasked with a changed role from Offense in Game 1 to a central defensive role in Game 2.  Special recognition went to Marc Lebowitz for scoring two goals and now leads the team in scoring and may even lead the tournament.

It's anyone's gold medal at this point so stay tuned.  Well done to all the players for an outstanding effort.

Monday morning 9:00am, team USA takes on Brazil at Bayit Vagan in Jerusalem.

News Flash - USA Grand Masters Win Big in Game 2

Details to follow shortly

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shabbat, Tel Aviv and Training

Friday 7/19
The team celebrated Shabbat at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a mini service led by Dan Indech and David Alhadeff.  After dinner, the Rabbi led the room in a festive singalong of some familiar songs which the Grand Masters soccer team felt obligated to continue on for another 30 minutes, spurred on by the beautiful voice of Don (Streisand) Kent

Saturday 7/20 - Dateline Tel Aviv
The team traveled to Tel Aviv for an evening training session at the home of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Professional Soccer Club.  Players were asked to arrive for a 6:00pm training session at the Kiryat Shalom facility just south of town. 

Coach Bodenstein had the team run through drills that focused on taking advanced field positions and taking players on going forward.  Finishing drills were also the order of day with 3 v 2 drills and 4 pattern runs ending in efforts on goal.  The team came away with a greater sense of purpose and a focus not seen in previous sessions.  The team goes into tomorrow's match with Australia (7/21) feeling they must show what USA can really do.

A great couple of days in Israel as the team now focuses on getting that first ice breaking goal in Israel (ever) for the USA Grand Masters Franchise.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maccabiah 2013 - Men's O45 Soccer Standings after Game 1

Game 1 - USA vs Great Britain

The Mens O45 team lost today in the opening game of the 2013 Maccabiah to Great Britain by the score of 1-0 on a goal headed in by number 18 for GB.  The goal came just past midway of the first half in a battle of two team that had difficulty completing passes.  GB possessed more and had a few chances, one of which was cleared by a great save from Team Captain Dave Bannick (named at the team meeting the night before). Coach Bodenstein's halftime talk was direct and on the mark for the USA team and pointed out the lack of completed passes that contributed to the poor effort moving the ball forward as USA had only 3 chances to score and never tested the goalkeeper.

The second half was a more spirited effort as the USA team worked a high pressure defense which caused problems for Team GB.  In the end, the team wasn't able to muster too many scoring chances as the final whistle blew, USA (probably the better team on the day) went away empty but still in the hunt witrh a serious medal chance.

The Game Sheet is shown here along with the team photo.

Back Row (L-R)  J. Cohn (Chair), K. Silverman, J. Jacobs, D. Warren, M. Wisnevitz, E. Harris, A. Zweiback, J. Kapelus, I. Grusd, J. Biran, D. Raben, J. Levene, G, Bernstein, N. Washington (Trainer), A. Bodenstein (Coach)
Front Row: J. Greenberg, A. Alhadeff, R. Shakter, D. Kent, D. Bannick (Capt.), M. Lebowitz, D. Indech, J. Mogul, B. Greene.  Not Shown J. Moshal

Monday, July 15, 2013

OTOG-G (One Team, One Goal - GOLD)

The training is complete and the team has been making their way to Israel with the final group of players scheduled to arrive on Wednesday 7/17. 

Players have spent the last 18 months competing in several tryouts and events to get ready for the big event.  The team traveled several times crisscrossing the US in hopes of creating the team experience necessary to achieve the end result.  Traveling far and wide, the team met in New Jersey, Phoenix, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and will complete their journey flying across the globe to Jerusalem this week.

Members of this years squad come from all over the USA representing the following 10 states: 

Arizona (3)
California (4)
Colorado (1)
Illinois (2)
Indiana (1)
Massachusetts (1)
New York (8) 
New Jersey (2)
Ohio (1)
Pennsylvania (2)

Blog updates will become more frequent as the team officially gathers and the games begin.  We hope you enjoy the blog and our quest for GOLD, and look forward to celebrating our experience with you.

MUSA Grand Masters Soccer

Friday, July 12, 2013

Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremonies for the 19th Maccabiah Games will be televised on JLTV (check your cable/satellite channels) as well as the JLTV website.  The following link can be used to see the event.

Opening Ceremonies

Air Times
Live - 7/18/2013 1:00pm ET
Encore 8:00-11:00 ET/PT

Daily Highlights air nightly 9:00pm-10:00pm ET/PT

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training Shirts - USA Team Israel 2013

Brian Greene has designed a set of training jerseys for Team USA Israel 2013 which should be available at the first training session in Israel, July 17th

Front View

Back View

Monday, July 8, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Israel Map of Events - MUSA 45

A map of the MUSA45 Soccer events can be located on the web at the following link:

Israel 2013 Map

The opening ceremonies for the 19th Maccabiah Games will be televised on JLTV (check your cable/satellite channels) as well as the JLTV website.  The following link can be used to see the event.

Air Times
Live - 7/18/2013 1:00pm ET
Encore 8:00-11:00 ET/PT

Daily Highlights air nightly 9:00pm-10:00pm ET/PT

Friday, June 28, 2013

The MUSA 45 Team - Los Angeles Training Camp June 2013

Back Row (L-R):  J. Kapelus, M. Lebowitz, K. Silverman, I. Grusd, E. Harris, D. Bannick, J. Cohn (Chair). A. Zweiback, D. Warren, J. Jacobs, N. Washington (Trainer), A. Bodenstein (Coach)
Front Row (L-R):  J. Moshal, M. Wisnevitz, G. Bernstein, R. Shakter, J. Levene, J. Biran, D. Indech, J. Mogul, B. Greene, J. Greenberg.

Not Shown: D. Alhadeff, D. Kent, D. Raben

Updated Schedule

A revised schedule has been posted by Maccabi USA eff: 6/28/2013

USA Grand Masters Team Draw (6/3/2013)

   Great Britain

6/6/13 Updates
19th World Maccabiah Games 
19th Maccabiah Video


Friday, January 18, 2013

Team Calendar

The link below should provide access to the MUSA45 team calendar on your mobile devices as well as other mail clients that support subscriptions. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

We Have Appointed Our Coach For Maccabiah

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Coach Alan Bodenstein. Alan lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife and four children. He is a school teacher and a coach in the Fort Wayne Fever Soccer Academy. He is a veteran of the Maccabi USA Open Men's soccer team having competed at the Maccabiah in Israel in 1985, 1989 and 1993 and the PanAm Maccabi games in 1983, 1987 and 1995. Unlike the majority of us, he has received a Maccabiah medal. When asked why he wanted to be involved as a coach with Maccabi USA Soccer, he stated that "Maccabiah was a great experience for me as an athlete and I wish to continue the experience as a coach". We welcome our new "fearless leader" to our brotherhood of Maccabi USA 45+ soccer players.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maccabi USA Masters 45+ Soccer Co-Chairs Announced

Congratulations to Jeff Cohn and Dan Indech on their recent appointment as Masters 45+ Soccer Co-Chairs for the 19th Maccabiah.

To reach them by email, please use the following email addresses:  Jeff Cohn -   Dan Indech -

We are accepting applications for Coaches and athletes and are actively recruiting in both of these areas. Please submit an application at if you wish to participate with our team. If you know any elite Jewish soccer players that may be interested to participate, please encourage them to apply. We are planning our tryout camps and are tentatively looking at July/Aug for the first tryout camp in the East and Nov/Dec for the final tryout camp in the West.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

19th World Maccabiah Games - Team USA Timetable

2012/02/15 - Office applications available
2012/12/31 - Deadline for appointment of athletes

30 days after appointment - Initial Deposit
60 days after appointment or 2013/01/01 (whichever is earliest) - 2nd payment due
2013/04/01 - Balance of payments due

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maccabiah 19 - Israel 2013

Quick Updates

Congratulations to Dan Indech on his recent appointment to the Overall Soccer Chair announced earlier this week.

Further announcements for the individual team chairs is pending appointment.  If you have any interest in chairing or coaching a team, please contact Maccabi USA or Dan.