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Thursday January 23, 2014

King Cup Snapshots

2014 King Cup Team
(Back Row L-R) Indech, Grusd, Zweiback, Mogul, Washington (trainer), Raben, Guevara, Kronick, Cohn.
(Front Row L-R) Agran, Silverman, Kramer, Hochberger, Mermelstein, Bernstein, Shakter, Kent (C)

2009 Maccabiah Team Members
(Hochberger, Kent, Bernstein, Cohn, Indech)
2014 King Cup Runner Ups
(Back Row L-R) Agran, Zweiback, Grusd, Harris, Ice, Cohn, Mogul, Silverman
(Front Row L-R) Hochberger, Kent (C), Bernstein, Shakter, Kramer, Indech
Team Bonding at the Aria


Monday January 20, 2014

MUSA Claims Runner Up Spot in the 2014 King Cup

MUSA claims the runner up spot in the 2014 King Cup falling in the final 2-0 to the San Jose Lions after an early (10') red card for what seemed like a 50-50 ball at midfield.

For the rest of the first half, the team defended well allowing a handful of half chances for the Lions including one that hit the crossbar.  Jeff Cohn made several key saves to keep MUSA close and closed out the half with a 0-0 scoreline.

2nd Half:  With only 4 subs, and 10 men on the field, MUSA still held tight in defense and began to press forward immediately after half time.  Jess Mogul's goal was disallowed for offside but the chances were coming through Grusd, Harris, Indech and Kent.

The pressure however was mounting from the Lions and they began to move forward with more earnest and taking more frequent shots from various angles.  Most of them missed the target however.  Finally, the Lions were able to break through on the score sheet with #7 rushing the MUSA Goalkeeper (Cohn) who was unable to gain control of the ball on a shot and headed home.

The goal was a huge blow to the hopes of the MUSA team and with 10 minutes left, a free kick given just at the top of the box allowed the Lions #10 to send a shot over the wall into the top of the net for their final score in a 2-0 win.

The two best teams in the tournament met in the final, but on the day, the Lions were the better team.

Congratulations to everyone.  An amazing run, amazing group of men and amazing support from our friends and extended Maccabi / Geezer family who were with us throughout.

There is one more in Vegas

Vegas is lucky for MUSA this year as MUSA defeated FC Peru 2-0 in the semi final to set up a rematch with the team MUSA lost to in the first game.  Goals by Mogul on an assist from Warren and Grusd, with the second coming from Gordon Harris on an assist from Dan Indech.

Final is set for 12:30

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dateline Las Vegas

MUSA 48 in semi finals on Monday after a 3-1 thrashing of Fat Tuesday.
Simon Mermelstein scores a hat trick. to take the team into the final day.  More details to follow

Saturday, January 18, 2014
MUSA takes control of Game 2
The late Saturday game in Las Vegas today saw MUSA take a 2-0 win from Mundo FC in a well contested match. From the outset, with a new formation of 4-5-1, MUSA took control of the game and kept the ball for long spells taking pages from previous coaches session books by knocking the ball around in fine fashion. The team had many chances in the first half while only allowing the opposing team limited spells coming forward. 

In the second half though, MUSA drove forwards getting defenders involved in the attacking play and it was Stu Hochberger who made a forward run down the left flank before unleashing a back pass to the ever present and on running Simon Mermelstein who threw his body forward and gave a touch under severe defensive pressure to slot home for a 1 nil lead. 

Chances continued to fall as we made significant progress down the right flank with Jess Mogul doing most of the damage to the opposing players psyche speeding through and crossing over several balls until one connected perfectly with Charlie Guevara who slotted home from medium range. 

The whistle blew for full time and the team celebrated their first win of 2014. 

As is recent fashion, with a win we selected offensive and defensive players of the game going to the following players: 
Offense - Jess Mogul, for his stellar right flank play and assist 
Defense - Stu Hochberger for his assist, steady defensive play and goal saving tackle at the last second to preserve a clean sheet. 

Full line ups for each game will be provided in a subsequent post. 

MUSA loses a thriller in the last 5 Minutes

MUSA 48 went behind early in the first half 0-2 only to tie the game on a first half penalty by Gary Bernstein "Gazza" and a second half goal just after half time by "Newcomer" Charlie Guevara fed in on a cross by Jess Mogul.  

A short lapse at the end of the game led to the final game winning goal by San Jose and send MUSA to its first defeat of the tournament. 

The team played well and gained momentum throughout the game and was unlucky to come away with more than just the two points. 

King Cup 2014
The team gathered in Las Vegas for the annual King Cup Soccer Tournament for what will prove to be a wonderful weekend.  This years team is made up of players from all over the US as well as Costa Rica with OLD, some NOT SO OLD and some NEW (not young) faces among them.

The team welcomes newcomers Scott Agran from Arizona, Ken Kramer from Colorado, and Charlie Guevara from New Jersey.  We hope that this initial experience is just the first of many and we welcome them to the brotherhood.

Prior to the first game, the team held a brief welcome meeting and payed respects to those former Maccabiah members who paved the way for others and who contributed to the success of the program.  Specifically called out were:

Don Kent as one of the Original Maccabees, circa 69 BC who helped create the Masters Program as well as helped build the first temple.

Brian Kronick who was a Silver Medalist in 2005 and also Chaired the Grand Masters Soccer team in 09.

Lastly, Dan Indech, a member of the 2013 Bronze Medal team, Overall Soccer Chairman for '13 and previous Maccabiah member of several teams.

During the brief discussion the team captain for the weekend was announced and handed to Don Kent.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Team Calendar

The link below should provide access to the MUSA45 team calendar on your mobile devices 

as well as other mail clients that support subscriptions. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
King Cup 2014 Fields Map
A link to all the fields for the 2014 King Cup

A consolidated schedule for the King Cup is found immediately below incorporating the following teams.

FC Maccabi (O40 Competitive) chaired by Joel Zuckerman (Israel '09) and features members from previous Maccabiah and Pan Am games

Geezers (O40 King A Bracket) featuring team members from the Bronze medal winning Grand Masters in 2013.

MUSA (O48 King B Bracket) featuring team members from previous and current Maccabiah's (2005, 09, 13 and others) as well as Pan Am Game participants in several events.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Field Link

Use the following link from your mobile devices for the King Cup field maps.  

Kellog Zaher
Teton Trails Park
Ed Fountain

Monday, January 6, 2014

King Cup 2014 - Las Vegas NV Jan 17-20 2014

The team has been assembled and have made their plans to get to Las Vegas in January for the King Cup Soccer Tournament.  Some new and some not so new faces will grace the pitch in what hopes to be another successful year of Soccer in the Sun.

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