Pan Am 2011/12 - Brazil

12th Pan American Maccabi Games

Final Standings

Coach - Lenny Roitman
Chair - Phil Fishel, Maccabi USA Grand Masters Soccer,
MUSA primary contact:  Amanda Lessig -

The MUSA Football Chain Continues To Grow...Day By Day...Year by Year

Maccabi Brothers, congrats on a job well done in Sao Paulo. It was truly an honor and a privilege going to battle with all of you in Brazil these past two weeks. Now that we are back in our respective locations, I just want to thank you for an outstanding experience in these Pan-American games. The medals will come our way in time, to be sure, but more important is the continued growth and maturity of our 45+ team both on and off the pitch. We competed with quality and class. It was so cool to see how hard we played in each game, only to then hug our respected opponent and take group pictures with big smiles on our faces....certainly the sentiment that defines the Maccabi spirit.  I also want to personally thank you all for welcoming my Heather into our team bus with open arms. She had a terrific time meeting you all, and I greatly appreciate the hospitality. A special thanks to our coaches, Lenny and Jason, our Team Captain Russell and our Team Manager Fish for their wholehearted commitment. Also, a nod to our team blog-meister Indy for keeping the extended MUSA team/friends updated. And finally, a speedy and complete recovery to Snyder, Glancy and Moshy and anyone else who suffered injury. 

So where do we go from here ??

Well, by my clock, Leon, Eli, Jess, Keith and the rest of the Geezers will be kicking it off tomorrow morning at 6:00 am in the Big Apple...and spending the rest of the day reading Warren's 16 page game analysis. David, Bryan, Paul, Moshy and Howard will be getting it going back in Philly....and Fiona and Bailey have opened up an apparel trading post at the corner of Market and 15th Street...In Chicago, Dave, Russell, Wis, and Hakimian will be returning to their Sunday morning game right after Russ's son chants his Bar-Mitzvah Haftarah this Saturday (Mazel-Tov !!!). Indy and Adamo have new outdoor seasons in the Phoenix sun. DKNY and Jake have their regular Saturday morning game. Greenie will be playing extensive minutes across all of his indoor facilities. Fish and Stoner will join the Jersey/Milburn boys for some sort of winter and spring ball. Glancy is playing in 9 leagues in the D.C. area, including the U-12 boys and the U-19 girls...Many of our guys will lace them up for the Vegas tournament next weekend (good luck !!), and, of course, Maccabiah 2013 is not too far down the line.

So yes, indeed, the MUSA football chain is stronger than ever !!!

Happy New Year to you all. Stay healthy, stay fit, and keep smiling.


David Alhadeff

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Memories of the Twelfth Pan Am Maccabi Games


Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - Day 13
The Last Day and Departure to USA

Today we packed up and checked out of our rooms. Some went to the pool to lounge in the first beautiful sunny day we've had since we arrived in Brazil. Others went to do some last minute shopping while the rest just hung out in the hotel or at Hebraica. We boarded the bus to the airport and said our good-byes to one another. Then to NY and to places beyond. Till next time...

Sunday, January 2, 2012 - Day 12

Closing Ceremonies and Schwag Trading

With the competition over, we returned to our hotel, got some lunch and relaxed for the afternoon.  At 7:45, we headed to Hebraica with bags of gear that we were hoping to pawn off on the unsuspecting in exchange for choice jerseys, warm-up suits and anything else we could barter for. The names of the legendary traders were acknowledged including Briefs, Parksy, Kronick and Cohen. The newcomers including Zweiback, Mogul, Silverman, Pollack, Lorry, Bailey Moshal and Heather Alhadeff as well as the seasoned veterans Glancy, Fishel, Indy, David Alhadeff and Wiznewitz had been eagerly awaiting this moment. By the end, there were some monumental acquisitions with the USA boys definitely getting the best of their inexperienced adversaries. We are not quite sure whether there was even a closing ceremonies as most of us didn't make it past the uniform flea market. A great time was had by all.

Sunday, January 2, 2012 - Day 12

Bronze Medal Match - USA v Argentina

4    -    2 
On the heels of a difficult loss against Israel, we geared up again for our last game against the losers of the other semi-final match. It was a glorious sunny day and it was heating up. Coach Jason Hirsch gave us our pre-game pep talk and announced the starting line-up. Alhadeff and Rosy in the middle back, Lorry and Pollack at the outside backs, Moshal and Greenie in the central midfield, Wiz and Silverman at outside midfield and Indy and Kent up front. The first 20 minutes were played in the mid-field with both teams protecting their goals. Argentina struck first when their striker received a ball from the right outside midfielder at the top of the box, turned on a dime to his left, took one step and hammered the right side netting. Fishel had no chance. Ten minutes before the first half ended, Wiz hustled forward to pressure the left defender in the box. The defender attempted to square the ball to the keeper and Wiz was able to get a toe on it deflecting it at the keeper. The keeper managed to sprawl and parry the ball away from goal but it laid nicely in the penalty box for a charging Indy to neatly tuck into the goal. The half ended at 1-1. USA was excited that they were in this match. Argentina changed a few of its players for the second half bring in #21 and #9 – two dangerous top class strikers. In the 50th minute, #21 received a perfect cross from the left side and beat Fishel to the bottom right corner of the net making the score 2-1. In the 55th minute, USA had a chance when a cross came into the box that the keeper could only punch away. The ball sat nicely at the 15 yard line for Stone who had moved forward and got onto it. His volley to goal just missed the left post. In the 59th minute, USA created another chance when a through ball was pushed forward to Indy who was behind the defenders. The linesman raised his flag but Indy let the ball run into space checking back to an onside position. The keeper came off his line to challenge the ball. Avershal had overlapped and charged into this space. With a collision eminent just outside the box, Avershal stretched and got his toe to the ball first. He and the keeper collided and the ball bounced of the keepers body and squirted loose. Indy had turned back towards the play and was first to the loose ball and deposited a left-footed curling ball over the head of their last man who had stepped back to the goal-line and into the top left corner equalizing the score at 2-2. The next ten minutes were back and forth as both teams defended feverishly to protect their goals. In the 75th minute, Argentina picked up an errant pass in the middle of the field and with some deft passing from left to right and right to left, surgically deposited the ball behind our helpless keeper. In the 79th minute, they added their final tally as our defenders had pushed forward but that one really didn’t matter. The game ended in the 82nd minute with Argentina surviving a scare from the underdog Americans and prevailing 4-2. The teams congratulated each other with hugs and hand-shake. A frantic uniform exchange ensued and there were many bare-chest 45+ men in their compression shorts milling around the pitch. It was not a pretty site! With this final match and our second consecutive well-played game, our Maccabi tournament came to an end. In spite of the disappointment of not winning a medal, Team USA 45+ was successful beyond expectation and we congratulated each other for a job well done. It's party time and then the preparations begin for Maccabiah in Israel 2013.

Steve Alhadeff said...
I'm sure the effort put forth by Team USA against Israel was remarkable and truly a tough loss. Give Argentina everything you have, leave nothing on the field, and bring home the medal you deserve!! Go USA!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the medal match is with Brazil!

Anonymous said...
Congrats guys. We are so proud of you!!!
Russell, don't miss your flight. We have a big weekend ahead. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012 - Day 11

The After Party

In spite of the bitter loss, we gathered on the 15th floor with the 35’s team in the executive lounge for pizza and beer. They also suffered a bitter defeat losing 3-2 in overtime against Brazil. Spirits were high though as both teams gear up for bronze medal matches tomorrow against Argentina. As per tradition, we presented signed jerseys to both Chairman Fishel and Captain Rosenberg to acknowledge their tireless efforts off the field the past year and for leading us to battle in Brazil in 2011.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 - Day 11

Semi Finals USA v Israel

0    -    1 


Today we played our best game against an Israeli starting side that was much different than the one we played two days ago. It turns out that they rested 5 key players in their last game against us as their position in the table could not be improved or jeopardized. Today they put their A-team on the pitch. The game was very even from the start to the finish with both teams defending well and giving up few chances. USA started the game with Fishel in goal, Rosenberg, Alhadeff, Zweiback and Stone in the back line, Moshal, Abudaram, Glancy and Green in the midfield with Indech and Wiznevitz up front. Glancy was forced to leave the game in the 10th minute hampered by a knee injury. Wiz dropped into the left outside midfield and Mogul came into the game at striker. Kent entered the game in the 30th for minute and provided the USA with its best scoring opportunity of the half. Wiz received a ball from Stone on the left flank and slicked his man cleanly moving quickly into space up the left wing. He served up a penetrating cross with his left foot to the right side of the field finding the streaking Kent at the 22 yard line. Kent propelled a thunderous header towards goal just narrowly missing the right post by no more than six inches. The first half ended with no score.  In the 55th minute, the USA threatened again as Indy checked back and received a crisp ball from Adamo in the middle of the field with his back to the goal. He turned sharply to his right and fed a seeking diagonal ball on to the feet of a streaking Wiz and sent him into the clear at the 20 yard line. Wiz struck the ball towards the goal but unfortunately for the USA, the Israeli defender closed very quickly and managed to get his foot on Wiz’s shot deflecting the ball just wide of the goal. In the 69th minute, Wiz served up a beautiful curling cross to the back post. Silverman hit it beautifully with his head towards the post where Greene was positioned. If fell at his feet and he attempted a back flick to the corner. The keeper read the play well and caught the ball before it reached the goal. It was a close chance. As the ball was played forward, disaster struck USA as Israel was awarded a penalty kick when our keeper challenged a ball that got behind the defenders on the left side of the goal. While it appeared to be a 50/50 tackle with Fishel getting to the ball just ahead of the strikers foot, the Israeli player went down in a heap and the referee blew his whistle pointing to the spot. The penalty taker slotted his shot to the left side of the goal beating Fishel who dove to the right. The score was 1-0. USA pressured the Israelis in the last 10 minutes but the keeper was able to turn away two shots on goal from Indy and crosses into the box from Wiz, Mogul, Silverman and Pollack. The final whistle blew and the tremendous disappointment was evident on the faces of all the USA players. So close and yet so far!!!

Our game today is scheduled at 5:30 pm and the field location has been moved. It poured most of the day and evening yesterday. The grass fields that we have been playing on are waterlogged and there is standing water. We have been moved to a turf field to play our game against Israel this evening. Our team members are excited for today's match are ready to go to battle to win a medal today.

Steve Alhadeff said...

You can do it guys!! Kick butt and take NO names!! We love ya' and are SO prouf of ya'!!!!
1/1/2012 11:07am

shlomi dadon said...

hi dan.
sorry for your lost 1-0. you should be happy - we beat brasil 3-0 in the final.


Saturday, December 31, 2011
Day 10 - New Years Eve

Happy New Year to all! Tonight there was a great party at Hebraica. A decent dinner compared to the others, a band in the big gym, a DJ in the food court and fireworks to welcome in 2012. Good fun was had by all even though it poured throughout the evening.

Friday, December 30, 2011
Day 9 - Shabbat at Hebraica

Tonight we were treated to a wonderful Kabbalat Shabbat service. We arrived at Hebraica at 7:15 and entered a beautiful sanctuary teaming with men and women of all ages and nationality. Everybody was dressed in their finest and there was a sea of white Maccabi kippot in the seats. The rabbi of the shul welcomed all of the members, the guests, the athletes and their supporters. He spoke in Portugueuse, Hebrew and English and his words were inspirational. To our surprise, the host country had arranged for a guest cantor/chazan to welcome in the Sabbath. Chazan Dudu Fischer led the prayer service and those in attendance were treated to an incredibly stirring rendition of the blessings - especially Lecha Dodi, the Kiddush and Adon Olam. There was dancing on the bima and the air of cultural unity couldn't have been more evident. In spite of the differences in nationality and language, it was clearly evident that everyone in the hall was united by their Jewish roots and the universal language of Hebrew and tefillah. It was tremendously stirring and a Maccabi moment that will be remembered by all those that shared in the experience. Shabbat Shalom!!

Day 9 - Brazil is Punished for Ignoring the Rules

After the game against Brazil, the management of Maccabi USA filed a formal complaint with the Maccabi World Union. After an exhaustive investigation, the following information was obtained. Brazil's player #18 was given a red card in the prior match against Argentina. The card was not entered into the book and game sheet by the officials. No one really knows why but it is suspected that there was some foul play at the end of the game. Both the Argentinians and Peruvians were contacted to submit statements that the red card was shown and the player was ejected. They cooperated, the appeal was upheld and the 3 points for the victory and the 6 goals were taken away from Brazil leaving them with no points and needing to win their final game against Peru. USA was not awarded any points. It was uncertain as to whether the player was suspended for the tournament or whether he would still play. Brazil did go on to beat Peru 2-0 eliminating them from the competition. Had the points not been taken away, Brazil would have played Israel in one semi-final and the USA would have played Argentina. Without the points, Brazil plays Argentina and USA plays Israel. USA has caught a break but more importantly, justice has been served and a message sent by Maccabi that cheating will not be tolerated. In an interesting subsequent twist, Brazil came forth and admitted that they played a boy with a red card in the previous game in one of the other divisions but no formal complaint by the opposition was filed. Brazil then filed a formal complaint against themselves and was forced to give up the points. We're they being honest and coming clean or was there an ulterior motive? Rumor has it that they did this to change the seeding for the semi-finals in order to draw an opponent that they preferred to play. WOW BRAZIL. Go figure...

Friday, December 30, 2011
Day 9 - Game 4 USA vs Israel
  0   -   1

Today we faced Israel in the last game of our preliminary round. The Israelis entered the game with with seven points and had already qualified for the medal round. Team USA needed one point or a Peru loss to Brazil to assure a semi-final game on Sunday afternoon and a chance at a medal. Team USA started the game with some adjustments to the line up. Kent and Wiz started up front, Indy and Abudaram in the central midfield, Greene and Glancy on the outside midfield, Captain America Rosenberg and Alhadeff central backs, Adamo and Stone at outside back and Fishel in the goal. Both teams attempted to establish controlled passing games while neither team moved the ball around too quickly. In the first half, USA created a few chances including one from Kent that was turned away. Avershal came in at striker, giving Kent (Mr. Hustle) a well-deserved rest. The first half ended 0-0. It had become quite hot and humid and several players had to be substituted. At half-time, coach Jason was quite heated, criticizing us for not protecting the ball enough, turning it over for goal kicks and drifting away from our possession passing play. The second half started in a similar manner to the first half and it seemed that the Israelis were content to keep away from any rough play, possess the ball in the middle of the park and play for a tie. They did send one through ball to the right side of the goal and Fish had to be quick off his line, sliding to smother it and snuff out a scoring threat. In the 60th minute, Glancy went off with what appeared to be a knee injury and didn’t return to the game. In the 70th minute, USA began to press in the Israeli’s end. Wiz had a chance on the left side when he picked the ball of the defender's foot, took one touch and laced a low shot towards the short side. The keeper managed to stretch and turn it away with his right hand. A few minutes later, USA won a corner kick. Wiz drove a ball into the middle that Silverman got his head on at the top of the box. The ball fell at the 18 yard line and Indy stepped onto it volleying it low to the left corner but just deflecting off an Israeli defender for another corner kick. Wiz jumped on the ball quickly and took it back to the left corner. Rosenberg charged on a 50 yard dash from his sweeper position to the corner and took it short from Wiz. He turned skillfully and drove the ball at shoulder height across the box at the 15 yard line. Mogul (#9) streaked across the from the right side, leaned forward diving for the ball and connecting solidly with his head. The ball careened towards goal, evading the defenders and slotted into the left side 6 inches from the post, beyond the outstretched arms of the keeper. There was joy amongst the players as they piled on to Mogul celebrating this highlight reel goal. USA held on with some tenacious defending and keep away ball from Stone, Alhadeff, Rosenberg, Adamo, Silverman, Lorry, Abudaram, Hakimian, Posner and Pollack. Both Snyder (hamstring strain) and Moshal (bruised ribs) sat out the game with injuries. It was a great Maccabi moment for the MUSA 45 old boys and a fantastic way to end the bracket play.

1 comments:  **Marilyn** said... 

wohoooo!! well done! post those piccy's. {{grin}} 

December 30, 2011 5:13 PM

Friday, December 30, 2011
Day 8 - Tomorrow we Play Israel

Tomorrow morning we play our final group stage game against the Israeli side before the semi-final matches on Sunday afternoon.  The Israeli team has already qualified in second place and we sit in fourth place. They are a group of skillful passers and have scored timely goals when they needed to. We are still licking our wounds after getting schooled yesterday against the superior Brazilian squad. Hopefully, we can bring our A game to the field and perhaps the two-touch possession game that coach Lenny is searching for will show up today. Unfortunately, the injury bug is starting to take its toll as we play our fourth game in five days. The weather forecast is hot, humid and sunny reminiscent of Israel in 2009. GO USA!!!

1 comments:  said...

GO USA!!!!! Elizabeth Rosenberg

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Day 8 - Game 3 USA vs Brazil

0    -    6
Today we faced Brazil in our third match.  They had lost both of their matches with 1-0 defeats against Israel and Argentina.  We knew they would come out hungry and that was indeed the case. Early on, they tallied their first goal on a cross from the byline into the box that was finished skillfully. A few minutes later, they were awarded a penalty kick and it was 2-0. Mark Wiznevitz had the best scoring chance in the 30th minute when he took a through ball to goal and barely missed the far side. By the end of the first half it was 4-0 and the final score was 6-0. They had several other chances that Fish saved and he was able to get his hand on the ball to push a penalty kick past the post in the second half. Two of the USA players were not available for play. Jeff Moshal suffered bruised and possibly broken ribs in the first game against Argentina, bringing back the memory of Jimmy Benjamin’s broken ribs in Israel 2009. Dan Indech had to sit the game out having received a one game suspension following yellow cards in each of the two games. The game was not without controversy as the Brazilian side played their #18 Ernesto Matalon in spite of a red card ejection in his previous game. According to the rules of the Pan Am  Maccabi games, he should have sat out a one game suspension (as Indy had to). This player was instrumental in their first three goals. There was significant consternation on the USA bench and the MUSA managers were planning to file a complaint with the Maccabi organization. It is unlikely though that the result would have been much different had #18 not played for Brazil and #10 played for USA. They were by far the superior side on this day at the Maccabi games.


Steve Alhadeff said...

Hi guys, The first two games y'all played fantastic as did your opponents. The third game Brazil was not going to be beaten. Keep up the hard work and you'll be rewarded!! We are SO very proud to support and cheer you on to your next victory!! Mazal Tov, Steve Alhadeff (Dave's bro)

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Day 7 - Tomorrow We Play Brazil
Tomorrow morning we face a very tough opponent.  Brazil has lost their first two games 1-0 against Israel and Argentina.  Both matches were physical featuring yellow and red cards. As the home country, Brazil will come out looking for a result today as another loss would leave them in jeopardy of not qualifying for the medal round. Team USA is riding a high having beaten Peru earlier today. It's going to be a difficult match.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Day 7 - Game 2 USA vs Peru

0    -    1

Today we faced our second South American opponent.  In their first match, Peru lost to Israel 2-1 on a last minute goal by the Israelis.  Team USA started strong pressuring the opponent and winning every 50/50 ball. The first goal almost came on a free kick from 25 yards out with a shot off the crossbar.  A few minutes later, Team USA was awarded a corner kick after some nifty passes up the middle.  The corner kick ricocheted off a Peruvian defender and fell to the feet of Jess Mogul.  He elbowed away his defender and cunningly touched the ball back to the top of the box, where central defender Howard Snyder (#19) hit a one timer over the keeper's outstretched arms, off the crossbar, onto the back of the keeper's head and off the post into the net.  

The game was back and forth but USA created more scoring chances.  Unfortunately for USA, the crossbar and goal post saved Peru on four occasions with Rosie and Wiz both almost tallying goals.   The USA was fortunate when Adamo cleared a shot off the goal line to preserve a 1-0 victory for Team USA.  Fish was solid in goal and the USA celebrated their first international Maccabi victory in their sixth attempt. It was a great day on the pitch for the MUSA 45's soccer boys!!


Anonymous said...Go USA Yids!!! Make us proud!! Mogul rocks!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Day 5 - Opening Ceremonies

We gathered in the lobby of the hotel around 6pm.  After an hour waiting for the bus, we headed off to a local stadium to participate in the opening ceremonies. It was quite the spectacle involving the marching of over 2000 athletes, coaches, trainers etc.  After the speeches, the actors and the Chanukah celebration, we all headed down to the front of the stadium to see the cauldron and trade apparel with the other countries.  A fun evening of friendship mixed with Judaism and national pride.
Monday, December 26, 2011
Day 5 - Game 1 USA vs Argentina
1   -    2

Today was our first game.  We woke up to a cool, dreary day in Sao Paolo with a threat of rain.  We arrived at the field one hour prior to our match.  After a long warm-up due to the late arrival of the gold medal favorite Argentinians, the game began.  We went toe-toe with them and the referees let us play physically.  In the 30th minute, the opponent scored on a loose ball in the box after a well-placed corner kick.  The half ended 1-0 for Argentina.  Sure enough, the rain started to come down quite heavily.  In the 20th minute of the second half, the opponent notched their second goal on a header from a very well taken service to the back of the six yard box.  Our keeper had no chance as the ball caught the side netting at the far post.  In the 35th minute, Team USA responded when Indy hit a curling ball from 23 yards into the top left corner cleanly beating the outstretched arms of the keeper.  The last minutes were furious as USA tried to equalize against their physical, well-organized opponent.  The game ended 2-1 for Argentina.  As per our usual, there were moments of good "Lenny-like" play with other moments where we fell back into our old habits.  All-in-all, a good result against a very good side.  We left the field feeling good about our effort, knowing that we have some work to do as we aim for our first victory.  We hope to see the Argentinians again in the finals to give them another run for their money. 

Monday, December 26, 2011
Day 4 - Appointing the Captain

Shortly after our arrival at Hebraica, we got onto a small turf field next to the gymnasium.  Upon the recommendation of Coach Lenny, Russell Rosenberg was appointed as Captain America.  True to the form of the MUSA 45's, there was a moment of hysteria when Russell was presented with and put on the underwear.  Gary, without you here, someone had to step up and Russell did it with style.

Monday, December 26, 2011
Day 4 - Hebraica Sports Complex
Hebraica is the South American equivalent of the JCC clubs.  However, this one is much larger, has multiple venues, 14 eateries and is on 70 acres.  It is a beautiful club and is heavily secured so that the members can roam freely and safely. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 4 - Arriving in Sao Paolo, Brazil

After a smooth, uneventful 9.5 hour flight, we landed at our destination.  We gathered out bags and then were subjected to the usual, South American chaos and delays.  Eventually, we got on a bus and were delivered to the Sheraton hotel.


Anonymous said...

As a South American, and a Brazilian Jewish, I wish you luck. Maybe in the future we can make a better impression at your arrival. I know your feeling, specially when I fly to US and have to wait two hours in the immigration and answer twenty questions about my life. Not mentioning getting almost naked in the Xray when flying in US. We pay our price for not being rich. You pay your price for being too much rich.
Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 3 - Flying Out of JFK

We gathered in the early evening at JFK in preparation for out 9 hour flight to Brazil.  The gate area was full of Maccabi USA athletes excited to depart on their Pan Am Maccabi adventure.  The moment we had all been eagerly anticipating was finally here.  We agreed as a team to wear our white warm-up tops the Russel had made for us.  They are really sweet and unlikely to be traded away.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 3 - Last Day of Precamp

We wrapped up our training camp this sunny, chilly morning with a spirited 8 v 8 scrimmage and then some shooting practice for our keeper.  After some very positive words of encouragement from our coach, Russell Rosenberg was appointed as the captain of the team. Lenny stated that he hoped that we had the "mental and intestinal fortitude as a cumulative group to succeed in the tournament".  He also stressed sticking with the restriction of "two-touch" soccer and reminded us that every time he lifted the restriction, we returned to our "primative, apian ways and our natural "homeostasis".  We agreed as a team to keep the restriction on throughout the tournament even though he wouldn't be there to enforce it.  Then, back to the hotel to pack our bags and have discussions regarding on the field formations and team tactics.  Nine of us headed down to Brooklyn for a delicious lunch at a Peruvian restaurant and then off to JFK airport for our 9:45pm flight to Sao Paolo.


Day 2 - Dinner in South Africa
This evening, our two South African teammates Wiz and Moshal took us on a culinary tour of their home country at a restaurant in Brooklyn called Madiba.  Boerewors and pap, slapchips, bunichow, biltong, droerwors, liver periperi, oxtail, steak and monkey gland, samoosa, Kooksisters, Melk tert and Rooibos tea.  It was outstanding!
Day 2 - Apres Training
After training, more Chanukah candles and a few beers.  Don Kent at his best.
David and Fishy making Kiddush to welcome in the Shabbat.  Twelve of us are heading out for South African food tonight.

Day 2 - Training at the Met Oval
We arrived at our training grounds for our first session.  Sunny, 50 degrees, no wind and a glorious view of the Manhattan skyline.  Coach Lenny continued to drill into our thick heads, his desire for us to play possession soccer, one and two touches, stringing together 15-20 passes without giving the ball up and smart supporting play in space.  He reminded us that none of us are "professional players or will ever be professional players" and at the end of the session, commented that we had "some moments of great play sprinkled with other moments of insanity".  We have committed as a group to play this Barca style in order to compete against our tough, South American opponents.  There's much more work to do this afternoon and tomorrow.

Day 1 - Celebrating Chanukah as a Team
Once everyone had arrived at our hotel, we gathered in the lobby as a team to bless the Chanukah candles. After that, it was off to Chinatown to our usual place, the WoHop restaurant coordinated by Don Kent.  After a sumptuous dinner and a few drinks, we received the unfortunate news that Coach Lenny would not able to travel to Brazil with us.  Our chairman informed us that Maccabi USA had already appointed a new coach and that the situation was being taken care of in a professional manner. More adversity but we all agreed to face it head on and not let it put a damper on our spirits.

Pre Camp Schedule 12/19/2011

Thursday 12/22/11
Arrive at hotel 3-4pm
Dinner in Chinatown at 7.30pm
Relax later at the hotel
Friday 12/22/11
9am - 11am - Training at the Met Oval
Break for lunch
2pm - 4pm - Training at the Met Oval
Evening - Free time
Saturday 12/23/11
10am - 12pm - Training at the Met Oval
PM return to hotel, rest and pack for trip
6pm - Leave hotel for airport by taxis
9.40pm - Bon Voyage and off to Brasil

Dec 17, 2011
Pan Am Team in Training

Above, USA Team Members (David Alhadeff, Russell Rosenberg and Mark Wisnevitz) training for the upcoming PAN AM games in Chicago one week prior to Sao Paulo Brazil.

Above, USA Team Members (Dan Indech and Adamo Zweiback) complete a final workout in Phoenix before traveling to New York (pre camp) and then Brazil for the upcoming PAN AM games in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dec 15, 2011

Dec 15, 2011

Precamp Schedule December 22 - December 24

The Sacred Ground at the Metropolitan Oval in the Queens, New York - our training ground and home pitch for our coach Lenny Roitman. Note the Manhatten skyline in the background. Will it be covered in snow?

Some camp news. Hope everyone is well and getting ready to go. I know I am. Hope you are getting pumped as well. I have 17 of you attending camp between 12/22 - 12/24 at Queens. Those who are not attending: Greene, Rosenberg, Lorry. I also have Abudaram not coming on Friday morning. Please confirm so Lenny can make his schedule plans for our camp. We will have a team dinner on Thursday evening - NO TRAINING. Dinner will be at 7 - 7.30pm so its not a late night. DK is our chair for this event. We will train Friday AM and PM, and we will have a run out also on Sat AM before we pack and fly. We may have no time or place to train before our first game in Brazil. We probably need a few rooms kept late for the afternoon also. I'll book mine for late check out. Can I have two or three more candidates, so we have some where to stay/shower/pack during the afternoon before we leave the hotel. We will leave between 6 - 7pm as we fly out from JFK at 9.40pm. I will verify when we need to be at the airport which is about 20 - 30 mins away. I have the following in the hotel: Alhadeff, Avershal, Fishel, Glancy, Indech, Moshal, Pollack, Posner, Snyder, Stone, Wisnevitz, Zweibeck. Please confirm attendance and if you are in the hotel.
Not long now my lovelies...More soon Chairman Fishy

COACH - Roitman, Lenny

Selected Squad

Tryouts, 2011

Selected but Unavailable
Bernstein, Gary
Cohen, Scott
Cohn, Jeffrey
Goldenring, Steve
Karchmer, Mauricio
Koolik, Elliott
Warren, David
Zabronsky, Rob